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22 Nuevos Cursos Udemy (WooCommerce, PHP, SEO, Linux…)


22 nuevos cursos completamente gratis desde Udemy. En ingles y de formación variada, como aprender seo o diseño de miniaturas de YouTube en Canva y Photoshop. Ideales para no dejar de aprender.

  1. Poster and Banner Design for Beginners
  2. Speed Reading Simplified
  3. WooCommerce Membership Secrets
  4. JavaScript for Beginners (Fastest way ever)
  5. The Beginner’s Guide to Fiverr Marketing & Fiverr Brokering
  6. How to lose weight easily and become an athlete
  7. Content Curation Tools For Viral Reach
  8. Write first assembly language program and run it on emulator
  9. All you need to know about Weka in just 30 mins
  10. Quick Introduction to Java Collections Framework
  11. Manage anxiety while in isolation
  12. Life Change for Beginners
  13. NLP – The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Program
  14. Learn PHP Crude system Using Procedural style
  15. The Ultimate Sales Mastery Training Program
  16. Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – FREE
  17. YouTube Thumbnails Design in Canva and Photoshop
  18. Effective Communication: Motivational Interviewing
  19. Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis
  20. English Listening Masters: How To Become Fluent In Listening
  21. A Hands On Node.js Course – Learn From Scratch
  22. Linux for beginners: Learn Linux from Scratch
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  1. Responder
    28/04/2020 a 12:03

    Hola!! Yo he encontrado uno en Udemy que también está muy bien.

    Es de Elementor para WordPress y está bastante bien


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